Workshop Competencies

Our trainers are experienced consultants in digital forensics department. They are responsible for client education, research and development of forensic tools. All our trainers possess excellent knowledge and training experience in relevant tools on the market, such as Guidance Software, Micro Systemation, AccessData, Amped, BlueBear, Cellebrite, Oxygen forensic software and products, which can be confirmed by numerous certificates obtained in the digital forensics field. ​Their work experience includes trainings related to general digital forensics procedures, equipment, lab setups and consulting services in different areas of digital forensics world, including computer, mobile, drone, car and network forensics. They have held numerous trainings for police forces, government institutions and special task forces worldwide. All our trainers are both authors and trainers of several trainings, held in the international special forces. Besides delivering trainings, forensic experts from our team conduct digital forensic investigations, perform detail analysis and create reports for the clients or the trial. Furthermore, they provide support and consulting services to clients in maintenance period.