PKI Consultant

Technical Qualification :
1.      PKI / Certification and Registration Authorities / Public Key cryptography
2.      X.509 Digital Certificates (ASN.1, OIDs, PEM/DER encoding, LDAP namespace structure, Keys and Algorithms)
3.      Digital Signature technologies and data format (XML Digital Signature, XAdES, CMS - PKCS#7)
4.      PKI and OTP based authentication (SSL/TLS, client/server certificates, OATH)
5.      Network Time Protocol and Secure Digital Timestamps (RFC3161)
6.      Cryptographic tokens (software/hardware, PKCS#11 & PKCS#12, Smart Card technologies)
7.      Hardware Security Modules (HSM, examples: SafeNet, Thales/nCipher), FIPS 140 / Common Criteria
8.      Data Encryption practices, technologies, standards (related to email: S/MIME and PGP, Disks/Files, Databases, VPN)
9.       Virtualization technologies (VMware Workstation & ESXi, Oracle VirtualBox, Citrix)
10.     Prepare the technical documentation (RFP/RFI/ Solution response)
12.     Web-application firewals (WAF), HTTP content delivery and proxy protocols
13.     Cyber security / Vulnerability Scanning / Penetration testing / Incident Response
14.     UNIX/Linux OS (preferred Red Hat / SuSE / CentOS based), including installation, troubleshooting/maintenance and automation (scripting)
15.     Microsoft Windows Domain / Server / Desktop platforms, including installation and troubleshooting
16.     Programming/scripting: Linux shell scripting (use of tools/comands like grep, sed, awk, sort, tail, date, whois / geoip lookup tools), scripting programming languages like Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Tcl, JavaScript or any other
17.     IP networking concepts (similar to CCNA, but no certificate required), Ethernet networks, WAN/LAN, WiFi – able to use tools to diagnose and troubleshoot (tcpdump, wireshark, traceroute)
18.     Computer hardware essentials (USB devices, serial port communication)

Certification and courses (optional, preferred, this or similar):
1.      Linux OS administration: RHCE or LPI
2.      Information Security Management Systems (ISMS): ISACA CISA/CISM, ISO 27001 Auditor/Implementer
3.      Technical IT Security: any by ISC2, EC-Council, GIAC, CompTIA
4.      Technology Vendor Product related certificates
5.      Any related to cyber security with hand-on experience

Roles and Responsibilities:
1.      Maintain Operate and Manage and Improve PKI solutions implemented in banking and air traffic verticals
2.      On-site troubleshooting of IT security solutions and security related issues (including emergency/incident response)
3.      Assist Sales Team on meetings with potential/existing customers, preparing technical parts for tendering process and responses (RFI/RFP, requests and responses for proposal)
4.      Maintain relationship with the vendors / partners whose technology we deliver and integrate to our customers
5.      Take care of security of company's IT resources, including Internet accessibility to our NTP and PKI Demo infrastructure
6.      Identify risk and network exposure including those related to malicious programs, viruses, improper system access, unauthorized systems, and improper network use.
7.      Conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, including reporting and remediation plan
8.     Writing and updating of information security related documents like procedure, guidelines, baselines, asset register

Assignment location / logistics:
- RNTrust (RECRO NET Middle East) office is located in Dubai
- Most of our clients are in Abu Dhabi: therefore: Driving license valid in UAE is required 

To Apply: Fill in the Application form (download form HERE) and send it to