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IT Project Manager


  • The IT Project Manager is responsible for the day to day management and control of the projects life cycle as defined by the IT Project Management Methodology and project management best practices
  • The IT Project Manager will lead, inspire and motivate the project team of  cross divisional SME’s to achieve the projects objectives, deliver the projects products / deliverables  to the quality expectations of the stakeholders within the time; cost and scope constraints of the project
  • The IT Project Manager will be responsible to represent Company’s ICT professionally as an ambassador, at all times, ensuring all stakeholders, internal and external, are treated with respect and as customers of Company’s ICT services

Skills / Competencies:

  • Business requirements gathering; definition and documentation with the responsibility to translate requirements into a project scope of work and project products / deliverables 
  • Business case development and analysis with  the responsibility for the creation and consolidation of all relevant and supporting business case information, data and content to justify the projects investment
  • Project Stakeholder identification and  mapping with the responsibility to actively and professionally engage all levels of cross divisional stakeholders including managing and controlling stakeholder expectation and communications
  • Project communications planning and execution with the responsibility to develop a clear project communication strategy and plan, ensuring the project stakeholders are effectively and efficiently kept well informed of the projects status and progress during the full lifecycle of the project
  • Project planning and scheduling with the responsibility to translate the project requirements into a well-structured project plan that unambiguously schedules all the projects tasks, activities and resources in a controlled environment, meeting the full expectations of the projects sponsor and stakeholders
  • Project monitoring and control with the responsibility to proactively manage the projects scope; time; cost; resources and quality in a controlled and well-structured project environment maintaining positive project performance indexes for the project schedule and financial management.
  • Project risk and issue Management with the responsibility to facilitate risk identification workshops, capture and define risks, mitigate risks; proactively manage the risk project log; report on risks and effectively manage all project issues that stem from project planned or unplanned risks.
  • Project reporting with the responsibility to develop accurate project reports that keep all levels of project stakeholders proactively informed of the projects status; progress; risks; planed versus actual performances and milestones as defined in the projects communications strategy and  plan
  • Project documentation management with the responsibility of ensuring all the projects documentation is created to the highest quality; using the appropriate templates; consistently updated and version controlled; centrally stored to support any project internal or external audits or management requirements for project documentation
  • Supporting the development and raising the maturity of Emirati Talent in Project Management with the responsibility to mentor, coach  and knowledge Share project management best practices and experiences with both new and established Emirati project managers

Scope of Work:

  • The day to day management and control of IT Projects within and to the defined IT Project Management Methodology
  • Business requirements gathering; definition and documentation
  • Business case development
  • Project stakeholder identification and  mapping
  • Project communications planning and execution
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Project monitoring and control
  • Project risk and issue Management
  • Project reporting
  • Project documentation management
  • Project mentoring and coaching
  • Project procurement and contract milestone management
  • Project quality planning and management
  • Project cost and financial management
  • Project scope control and management
  • Project time and duration management
  • Project user acceptance testing and sign-off
  • Project go-live planning and release management
  • Project resource and team management
  • Compliance to Company’s HSE standard and procedures

Attributes and Behaviors:

  • The ability to anticipate and head off problems that can jeopardize deadlines, budgets and user acceptance.
  • Strong personal organization capability and the ability to stay focused on the big picture and to prioritize competing responsibilities.
  • Strong ability to communicate, interact with and influence a variety of cross divisional stakeholders including the positive motivation of the project team subject matter experts
  • Strong ability to inspire the confidence of stakeholders and sponsors in the event the budget or timeline needs to be renegotiated or additional resources are needed to complete the project.
  • Strong communicator with the ability to know when to communicate actively face-to-face and when to effectively communicate electronically   using e-mail, meetings and status reports to get decisions made and resolve issues, 
  • Strong customer service centric focus while always being empathetic to the to the projects’ stakeholders, quality expectations, constraints and deliverables and taking these seriously, always ensuring to address them as promised

To Apply: Fill in the Application form (download form HERE) and send it to apply@rn-trust.com